Meet Galina

“I started working at the Kosher store four years ago,” said Galina. “I live just a few blocks away from the synagogue, but this job was my first encounter with the Jewish community. When business is slow, I take a book off the shelf and read. I’m going through the Torah for the first time. I’m intrigued. At 62, I have so much to learn.”

Galina turns to the side, tears welling up in her eyes.

“If you’re going to write about me, there’s something I want you to know. Last year, I was diagnosed with cancer. As I lay in the hospital, alone in my thoughts, the nurse walked in and said that there was a delivery for me. It was a warm meal. For the rest of my stay, Kaila and Faigy, the Rabbis’ wives, would take turns sending over delicious food every day. It was so thoughtful and caring of them. Even when I was back home recuperating, they’d come over to visit often – never empty-handed. I was so touched.”

“That’s when it hit me: This wasn’t just a job for me, and I didn’t just join a community.”

“This is my home, and these are my family.”

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