Meet Boruch

“After spending years exploring every other religion, I came to a realization that it was time to learn about my own, true nationality.”

Meet Boruch.

“Twelve years ago, I walked into the synagogue for the first time. Today, it’s my home.”

“Shortly after I joined the community, the synagogue was in dire need of renovation. A group of people got together to raise funds for the project, and I am happy to have taken part. Over the years, I’m proud to have contributed generously. Times have changed, though, and today we are dealing with a challenging economy, with the ruble trading at just half of what it used to be. I made a decision: No matter what situation I am in, I would ensure that we always have vodka for the Kiddush on Shabbos.”

“Every week I bring a box before Shabbos. When we sit down together and toast the day of rest, I know that we are keeping the faith of our ancestors alive.”


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