Meet Alex

“Tell me, Yanky. Where were you for Chanukah in ’91?” he asked.

Meet Alex.

“I was 14,” Alex continued. “Chanukah was approaching, and we were super excited. We got on a bus and headed north to Moscow for a special gathering. We met up with people from all across the country. It was 1991, and that kind of thing was new to us in Russia. In our childhood, we didn’t have such large Jewish gatherings, especially on the national level.

“But that wasn’t all. We were going to be virtually connected to cities all across the world, live via satellite. It was unbelievable! We were all excited when the camera switched to Moscow. And of course, it was like a dream to be able to be joined by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in New York.

“Looking back, I feel lucky.”

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