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Friends: Chana and Miriam – Souls on the Don

Friends: Chana and Miriam

“I came back to my hometown to visit old friends,” says Chana (left). “But Miriam and I are really more than friends. We are like family.”

“We go way back,” Miriam chimes in. “When my family moved to Rostov in the early 20’s, Chana’s grandparents, Nuchem and Tila, helped them settle in. Tila even made my parent’s Shidduch!”

“My grandfather knew the Rebbe Rashab, too,” says Chana. “Grandpa lived on Bratskiy Street and when the Rebbe needed to find a place, grandpa found the property across the street for him. That wound up becoming the Lubavitch headquarters during the years that the Rebbe lived here.”

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