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“The saddest day of my life was the day I buried my mother. It was also my 45th birthday.”

Meet Alexander Bermus, Professor of Pedagogical Sciences at The Southern Federal University of Rostov.

“As I watched the funeral procession, I was overwhelmed with emotion. With my mother’s passing came the end of an era for me, as I no longer had any living relatives my age or older left in Russia. I felt the ties to my heritage threatening to sever.”

“I’m quite sentimental by nature. I thought of how much my mother had done for me over the years and wished there was some way to give back. I decided to have a Brit Mila in her memory. Several months later, I gave her that gift and received my Jewish name, Yisroel.”

“I’m now an active member of the Jewish community. I found solace in the synagogue and more importantly, I feel eternally connected to the many generations of Jews who lived before me.”

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